Redemption Red

He never tires

The fact that I had chosen NOT to get wine at dinner with our three beautiful children to save some money should have been a warning sign that I would in fact NEED some.

We always go through that honeymoon stage where we think and even say aloud…

” Oh yes, let’s go out to dinner as a family honey. It will be fun. This restaurant is loud enough, they won’t hear the kids. ”


It was past Adah’s bedtime anyway, but we were hopeful we could feed her enough food to keep her quiet. I mean happy. Keep her quiet sounds so harsh. But quiet is so good. And she was, until we ran out of food. That kid eats more than me.

The waiter comes to the table to take our drink orders.

” I’ll have a water with lemon please. ”

Rhema: ” do you have…

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He never tires

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